Secret Messages Outreach Activity

Along with my friend and colleague Lucy Simko, I have been working on a an activity/interactive presentation themed around secret messages that is suited for a wide age range of students.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 4.27.57 PM

Secret message puzzle

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Knitting Journal (2)

The next thing I knit was the Slushies Top from We Are Knitters  (WAK). They claim this one is advanced, presumably because there’s actual shaping around the neck and shoulders. But I also thought this was fairly easy, except for the things they left unspecified in the pattern 😡 and, honestly, those parts were fairly straightforward, too, once I found decent instructions online.

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Easy ✔️ Breezy ✔️ #slushiestop @maria.ilex

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Knitting Journal (1)

I’ve recently gotten back into knitting. In particular, I’m trying my hand(s) at knitting clothes. So far I’ve produced 3 tops that I’m excited to keep wearing (one of which I’m planning a minor adjustment to) and a baby sweater from the end of two skeins of yarn.

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Playing with Makey Makey

Last week I finally got around to putting the Makey Makey my mom got me for Christmas to good use. Well, “good use” might be a bit of an overstatement. Eric (featured in the videos below), other students in the Security and Privacy Research Lab, and I created an internet-connected touch light, then turned it into an internet-connected basketball hoop light switch.

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µHandy Review

I recently got (and quickly sent back) a µHandy/uHandy. It’s a microscope for your smartphone, which sounds really cool! Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to take clear photos with it (e.g., I had a lot of trouble getting it to focus across the whole image). Given that my ultimate goal was to produce nice-looking, print-quality photos, it wasn’t right for my purposes, but I can imagine it being a lot of fun if your goal is simply to observe things.

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