µHandy Review

I recently got (and quickly sent back) a µHandy/uHandy. It’s a microscope for your smartphone, which sounds really cool! Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to take clear photos with it (e.g., I had a lot of trouble getting it to focus across the whole image). Given that my ultimate goal was to produce nice-looking, print-quality photos, it wasn’t right for my purposes, but I can imagine it being a lot of fun if your goal is simply to observe things.


Oh, I was also annoyed that it didn’t fit over my Speck phone case, which is a huge pain in the rear to take on and off and isn’t even as thick as an Otterbox case.

Here are the best of the photos I managed to take:

1. Cross-section from a thick-leaved plant in my apartment 2. Same plant, aimed straight at the face of the leaf 3. Tape, from testing their suggestion that you can use clear tape instead of stickers 4. Seaweed, provided on a sample sticker 5. Feather, provided on a sample sticker

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