Bad Password Practices in Southwest Airlines Commercial

ihatemyjob1 might not be a great password … and there’s probably something wrong with the bigger picture if you have to spell out your password to a room full of people and have it displayed in plaintext on a giant screen 😂 

Passwords are a frequent topic of conversation/study in the security & privacy world. One of the more recent papers we’ve read in our security seminar, “Do Users’ Perceptions of Password Security Match Reality?” sought to understand whether people’s assumptions about what makes one password stronger than another are correct.

How do your assumptions stack up? Would you have guessed that thefirstkiss is a better password (in terms of how easily it can be cracked by current password crackers) than 1qaz2wsx3edc or that bradybunch is better than qwertyuiop? This is because 1qaz2wsx3edc and qwertyuiop use common keyboard patterns.

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