Knitting Journal (3)

Now I really am done with We Are Knitters patterns. I was going on vacation and wanted something to do while watching TV with my parents. I also wanted to give knitting sleeves a try. So I picked out the Denali sweater.


Image from We Are Knitters

Here’s my thought process: Ok, cool, a sweater. It’s sort of unique because it’s knit from side to side not top to bottom/bottom to top. It has sleeves. It’s oversized and probably just a few squares/rectangles sewn together, but that’s fine. Not sure what’s going on with the neck being turned under, but whatever.

Once again, I should have paid more attention to Instagram:

Not really oversized after all. But I didn’t figure that out until I was almost done with the knitting (managed to skip the seaming, thankfully). My gauge was also a bit tight, so that wasn’t helping, but the model on the WAK site must have been wearing a much bigger size than necessary. And I still wasn’t loving the way my ribbing was looking along the edges of the sleeves (the neck/bottom hem are done at the end), although I did try a different ribbed cast on than previously. The WAK site has instructions for casting off ribbed stitches, but not how to cast on, and these sleeves are meant to be worked from the wrist up.

Anyway, I ripped it all out, even though that meant I have a bunch of little pieces from all the color changes. But I wasn’t in love with my teal-black-natural color scheme, so I decided to use the yarn for something else. I don’t have pictures of that project yet, though.

Instead, here’s a baby sweater I knit from leftovers from the green and blue tops (and leftover buttons from clothing I no longer own):


It’ll be a long time before I find out if this thing fits properly (it’s sized for 18 months, and the recipient I have in mind hasn’t been born just yet). So I still got to try out sleeves. They were ok. I was surprised to find that sleeves are almost as big as the front/back of the piece. I wouldn’t have expected them to take that much yarn compared to the body. I didn’t pay a ton of attention to seaming this properly, just kind of went for it. I think I also did the stair-step-y cast-offs, which isn’t very obvious in this picture because I worked hard to hide it, but it would have been better if I’d done this the right way. These instructions also weren’t specific in that way, but I wasn’t mad because this pattern was free.

Here are the new things I learned/tried on this project:

  • Sleeves!
  • A pattern that isn’t made to go with the yarn I’m using (matching yarn weight/gauge to a pattern is surprisingly difficult).
  • Stripes/basic color-work (though I had done stripes before, just not recently).
  • Button holes (using yarnovers, so not necessarily a new technique, and I think there are better/different button hole techniques out there).
  • Using up leftovers right away is the way to go for me! Otherwise I’m going to end up with a pile of mis-matched yarn I’m no longer excited about.

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