Making Paper

I made paper last weekend! This is a project I did several times as a kid but wanted to try again now. I’m pretty excited about the results and hoping to find a way to hang one of the sheets of paper.



PoCSci 2017

I am honored that two pieces of my recent work were accepted to the 2017 PoCSci Conference and to have received Best Paper in the standard track and Best VC Pitch in the new-this-year Tech Transfer Track!

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WWW Conference Recap – My Talk and Giving Better Presentations

Here, I’ll give a post-game analysis of my talk and the questions I was asked. The slides from my talk are now posted online, but I’ve included a few of my favorite screenshots below. A lot of Photoshop went into this presentation. I’ll also give a list of things I saw other people do well or not so well, with the intention of remembering them for my own future reference and making them available in case they can help others.

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WWW Conference Recap – Technical Sessions

I went to 6 sessions during the conference: Ad Auctions; Industry, Recommending content and matchmaking; Security (x2); and Privacy (x2). A session is just a group of talks that are all in the same room one after another. Most sessions had 4 talks in a 90-minute slot. Here’s what I took away from each of them …

Other conference recap posts cover:

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WWW Conference Recap – Keynotes

Last week, I attended the World Wide Web Conference (WWW) in Perth, Australia. The main days of the conference were Wednesday, April 5 – Friday, April 7, 2017. WWW has a pretty broad focus on issues that go beyond security and privacy, but most of the talks I attended were at least somewhat relevant to my interests.

Other conference recap posts (will) cover:

This post includes a short recap of the two keynotes I attended. I’m writing based on my notes, which include mostly low-level details that surprised me and overall thoughts, so the big-picture message might not be particularly clear.


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