Privacy Settings for YouTube “Likes”

I study privacy settings. They are complicated. Exhibit J (J for “just now.” After months of studying these things.) from a series of texts I sent a friend:

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.40.08 PM

Can we also talk about the how many features fake text message generators have?!?

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WWW Conference Recap – Technical Sessions

I went to 6 sessions during the conference: Ad Auctions; Industry, Recommending content and matchmaking; Security (x2); and Privacy (x2). A session is just a group of talks that are all in the same room one after another. Most sessions had 4 talks in a 90-minute slot. Here’s what I took away from each of them …

Other conference recap posts cover:

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WWW Conference Recap – Keynotes

Last week, I attended the World Wide Web Conference (WWW) in Perth, Australia. The main days of the conference were Wednesday, April 5 – Friday, April 7, 2017. WWW has a pretty broad focus on issues that go beyond security and privacy, but most of the talks I attended were at least somewhat relevant to my interests.

Other conference recap posts (will) cover:

This post includes a short recap of the two keynotes I attended. I’m writing based on my notes, which include mostly low-level details that surprised me and overall thoughts, so the big-picture message might not be particularly clear.


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